How I Train and Practice

I am currently using the Alfred Adult Learner (L1-L3) books (with the respective Theory books) to teach myself how to play piano properly. I set aside at least two hours a day (one in the morning, and one in the evening as of 2022). I try to include theory, technique, and artistry in my piano practice. I discovered ABRSM (and RCM) in 2021, so I have been tailoring my learning sessions to adhere to the ABRSM piano syllabus. The Alfred books are great for training and have a plethora of piano pieces, but using the ABRSM’s syllabus has been better for progressive learning. I use a mix of both.

What does self-taught look like? This is it. It’s a lot of work.


Level 3 Training Material

Natural Metronome App

ABRSM – 3 Piano Pieces 2023 & 2024, ABRSM Grade 3

ABRSM – Level 3 2023-2024 Syllabus for Chords and Arpeggios

Alfred’s Basic Adult Theory Piano Book Level Three

Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course, Book 3 – 5 Piano Pieces

Any Level 1 or 2 Lesson book for sight-reading

ABRSM Discovering Music Theory + Answer Books

Level 3 Teacher Reference Videos (Alfred)

Level 3 Teacher Reference Videos (ABRSM)

Hanon Exercises

Level 2 Training Material

Digital Piano Metronome  |  Seiko Metronome  |  Natural Metronome App (use the most)

ABRSM – Piano Exam Pieces 2021 & 2022, ABRSM Grade 2 (2 pieces, pgs. 2 & 10)

ABRSM – Alfred Pathways to Artistry – Masterworks, Bk 3 (1 piece, pg. 37)

ABRSM – Level 2 Syllabus for chords and arpeggios

Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course : Lesson Book, Level Two

Alfred’s Basic Adult Theory Piano Book Level Two

Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course, Book 2

Any Level 1 Lesson book for sight-reading

ABRSM Teacher Reference Videos Level 2
Selected for Review:  1  |  2  |  3

Alfred Teacher Reference Videos Level 2
Selected for Review:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10

For my reference: Studies Playlist


My Daily Routine

* In order

Practice: ABRSM all requirements per current level, such as pieces, scales and arpeggios

Practice: Alfred pieces per current level. Every piece that I know, at least once

Sight-reading: I play random pieces from any level 1-2 book

New Piece: Learn at least 1 piano piece at current level — practice, practice, practice: 30+ minutes

Studies: Review and practice from the Alfred Theory book by level

Perfecting: Other pieces, until they have reached performance level

Maintenance: Practice the ABRSM requirements for previous level

Performance: To maintain a piece I want to remember, play at performance level

My Syllabus  |  My Notes  |  My Practice Sheet


Training Tips (Reminding Myself)

Listen to a professional recording, and then listen to each part you play

Define technique: Acknowledge and think about techniques used in the piece

Overview: Before playing, review the piece. Look at patterns, signatures, key, etc. Ask yourself, what is the piece about?

Quality over quantity: Always focus on the quality of a session, not just how many bars or notes, or how long a session is

Practice vs Performance: Practice is about learning and fixing mistakes, bar by bar, repeating the same bar

Practice vs Performance: Performance is about playing the piece straight through

Yes. You should be using a metronome


Level Up Formula

* Pieces played from memory

Part 1
8 Alfred Pieces, or Pieces Associated with Level

3 ABRSM Pieces from Syllabus

Part 2
1 Composition

ABRSM Scale & Arp Requirements

3 Hanon Exercises



Piano Challenges

* I have noticed the most improvement doing challenges

100 Day – Level 2 General Requirements – Completed on 8/11/2022

100 Day – Level 2 Theory, Sight-Reading, and Composition – Completed on 11/21/2022

50 Day – Level 2 Capstone – Level Completion – Completed on 1/22/2023

Level 3 General Requirements – Not Started

Level 3 Theory, Sight-Reading, and Composition – Not Started

Level 3 Capstone – Level Completion – Not Started



Advanced Studies

Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist In Sixty Exercises For The Piano

Future Levels

ABRSM Teacher Reference Videos Level 3   |   ABRSM Level 3

Alfred Teacher Reference Videos Level 3

Alfred’s Basic Piano – Lesson Book Level 3

ABRSM Teacher Reference Videos Level 4   |   ABRSM Level 4

Alfred’s Basic Adult – Reference Lesson Book Level 4

Alfred’s Basic Piano – Reference Recital Book Level 4

Current Level: 3 | Goal Level: 5 - Reward: CLP-785 | Demo
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