Syllabus – Maestro Level 3

ABRSM Piece Requirements

* 1 selected piece from each category. 3 pieces at final review.



ABRSM Scales and Arpeggios

* All requirements to be demonstrated at final review.


+ 3 Hanon Exercises (1 or 2 scales): Ex4, Ex5, Ex6

ABRSM Recommended BPM: Scales BPM 80 | Arpeggios BPM 72

Early Intermediate Piece Requirements

* 8 selected pieces at final review.

Prelude in Dm, Clementi

Prelude in C minor, Morovsky

Old French Song, Tchaikovsky

Waltz, Diabelli

Sonatina in C, Duncombe

Arietta in C, Clementi

Fur Elise, Beethoven

Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

+1 Level 3 Composition

Current Level: 3 | Goal Level: 5 - Reward: CLP-785 | Demo
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