Hello, Friends!

I’m putting together some video demos and collecting music resources to document my journey of learning to play the piano. Maybe they will be useful to you, or perhaps even inspire you to play more piano.

As a child, I tried to play piano—by ear—but, I never had any lessons, and never really learned music theory, technique, or artistry. Honestly, my playing was terrible. I always wanted to develop skills at the piano, but by the time I could afford a piano teacher, computer studies and work had taken over my life.

After three decades of not playing, I figured enough time had passed to have forgotten the many bad habits I had developed. So, I decided to jump in and make a serious attempt to become an amateur pianist, emphasis on the amateur. It is not my objective to play professionally, but just to learn enough to enjoy playing in the level 5 range (mostly for my family and friends). I started teaching myself in 2020. In 2021, I discovered ABRSM. In 2022, I started practicing every day.

Please be sure to check out the resources and my demos. Also, check out my tech site, The Lab of MrNetTek. Thanks for stopping by!


The piano I practice on is a Yamaha YDP-164.

Current Level: 3 | Goal Level: 5 - Reward: CLP-785 | Demo
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